荷兰:省旗 - Flag Quiz Game

  • 上艾瑟尔
  • 乌得勒支
  • 北布拉班特
  • 北荷兰
  • 南荷兰
  • 弗莱福兰
  • 弗里斯兰
  • 德伦特
  • 林堡
  • 格罗宁根
  • 泽兰
  • 海尔德兰
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The twelve provinces of the Netherlands each proudly flies its own flags, with each flag representing the rich history of the province. Red lion, gold background—that's the flag of the Netherland's most populous province, Zuid-Holland. Almost 4 million people live there. You can find the same lion, but surrounded by a lot of blue and white, in the flag of Zeeland, the nation's least populous province. When there's only a dozen flags to memorize, the bar is pretty low, but you can make it even easier to learn the flags of the Netherlands' provinces with the help of this engagingquiz game.

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