जापान: प्रशासक प्रांत (प्रीफ़ेक्चर) के ध्वज - Flag Quiz Game

  • अकीता
  • आईची
  • आओमोरी
  • इबाराकी
  • इवाते
  • इशीकावा
  • एहीमे
  • ओइता
  • ओकायामा
  • ओकिनावा
  • ओसाका
  • कागावा
  • कागोशीमा
  • कानागावा
  • कुमामोतो
  • कोची
  • क्योटो
  • गीफू
  • गुन्मा
  • चिबा
  • टोक्यो
  • टोयामा
  • तोकूशीमा
  • तोचिगी
  • तोत्तोरी
  • नगानो
  • नागासाकी
  • नारा
  • नीगाता
  • फुकुइ
  • फुकुओका
  • फुकुशिमा
  • मियागी
  • मियाज़ाकी
  • मीए
  • यमाँनाशी
  • यामागाता
  • यामागूची
  • वाकायामा
  • शिजुओका
  • शिमाने
  • शीगा
  • साईतामा
  • सागा
  • हिरोशिमा
  • होक्काइदो
  • ह्योगो
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As a means of jurisdiction and administrative division, the Japanese government defined the boundaries of 47 prefectures. Each prefecture has its own flag, and you can use this flag quiz to memorize them. Several of the flags look like they could be corporate logos—in reality, the design of most Japanese prefecture flags is based onhighly stylized versions of Japanese letters. The symbol on the flag of Gifu, for example, is an adaptation of the kanji symbol for the letter gi. The province of Miyagi has a flag that features a stylized hiragana symbol for the letter mi. Whether you can read Japanese or not, this flag quiz game will help you associate each of these flags with the Japanese prefecture they belong to

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