ምስራቅ አውሮፓ፡ ባንዲራዎች - Flag Quiz Game

  • ሀንጋሪ
  • ሊቱዌኒያ
  • ላቲቭያ
  • ሞልዶቫ
  • ሞንቴኔግሮ
  • ሮማኒያ
  • ሰሜን መቄዶንያ
  • ሰርቢያ
  • ስሎቫኪያ
  • ስሎቬኒያ
  • ቡልጋሪያ
  • ቤላሩስ
  • ቦስኒያ እና ሄርዞጎቪኒያ
  • ቼክ ሪፐብሊክ
  • አልቤኒያ
  • እስቶኒያ
  • ክሮሽያ
  • ኮሶቮ
  • ዩክሬይን
  • ግሪክ
  • ፖላንድ
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They say the red on Latvia’s flag represent the blood of a mortally wounded tribal chief. It may not be pleasant, but details like that can help you remember the flags of Eastern Europe. If you find a few memorable flag facts then use this engaging flag quiz game to make the visual connections, you’ll be an expert on Eastern European flags in no time!

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