서유럽: 국기 - Flag Quiz Game

  • 네덜란드
  • 노르웨이
  • 덴마크
  • 독일
  • 벨기에
  • 스웨덴
  • 스위스
  • 스페인
  • 아이슬란드
  • 아일랜드
  • 영국
  • 오스트리아
  • 이탈리아
  • 포르투갈
  • 프랑스
  • 핀란드
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The flags of Western Europe shouldn’t be hard to memorize. Oh wait, about half of them feature a cross of some kind! Telling them apart won’t be easy, but this flag quiz game can help. The flags of Norway and Denmark both feature a red field and a white cross, so you’ll need to know that only Norway’s flag also includes a blue cross. This engaging geography study aid will make it easy for you to nail down details like that and learn the Western Europe flags quickly!

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