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How can I watch the event?


Follow our live stream on and remember to tune in on the 13th through the 14th of October as we go live with the world's top contenders battling it out in this historic event.

Can I attend the finals live in Stockholm?


Only a certain number of seats will be available for the live event at Stockholm's Space Arena. To secure your spot at the GeoGuessr World Cup, buy your ticket here.

  • Access to the event Saturday 14th of October 2023
  • Free seating in the arena
  • 18+ years requirement
  • The tickets costs €50 each

How have you decided which players to invite?


Our aim is to host a World Cup with the best players in the world but also with as many nationalities represented as possible.

  • The selection is made based on past performance and reputation in the GeoGuessr community.
  • There will be an age requirement of 18 years old to participate in the World Cup.
  • There might be multiple players from the same country playing in the World Cup.

How will the tournament be played?


Everything you need to know about how the World Cup is played can be found here

Can anyone participate in the qualification?


We regret to inform you that there won't be an open qualification this time around. In order to maintain the highest standards for this World Cup and deliver an unforgettable event, we've chosen to conduct a closed qualification tournament. The qualifier will take place on August 26th, see our news section and social media for more updates on lineups etc.