Geographical Wizard, rainbolt, to host the first-ever GeoGuessr World Cup

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 8th of June — As anticipation builds for the first-ever GeoGuessr World Cup, we are excited to announce that esteemed esports personality, Trevor "rainbolt" Rainbolt, will spearhead the tournament as the primary commentator. Celebrated for his intricate understanding of gaming dynamics, an astute eye for geographical details, and an audience of over 4.6M followers, rainbolt will guide audiences through this extraordinary journey that truly embodies the spirit of GeoGuessr.

From the 13-14th of October, GeoGuessr is primed to host its first World Cup at the Space Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. The occasion marks a pivotal step into the realm of esports for the game that has been captivating audiences for over a decade, and today boasts a global player base of more than 60 million explorers.

As the tournament unfolds, Trevor "rainbolt" Rainbolt will help us mere laymen understand what is happening during the matches. He will be accompanied by David "Bloom" Morris, another significant figure in the GeoGuessr community, whose expert commentary will enrich the understanding of the game. Together, this knowledgeable duo will not only animate the action but also highlight each player's strategies and pivotal moments throughout the tournament.

"I'm really looking forward to this tournament, which will be a way to put GeoGuessr on the esport map" said rainbolt regarding the announcement.

"Our goal for the GeoGuessr World Cup is to make it as immersive and enjoyable for our audience as possible, and having rainbolt and Bloom at the helm will certainly help us achieve that," said Daniel Antell, Co-founder and CEO of GeoGuessr. "Their combined expertise, enthusiasm, and rapport with the gaming community will bring an added layer of excitement to our coverage of the event."

The tournament will take place in Stockholm's Space Arena from October 13-14, and it promises to be a landmark in esports history, with the entire globe serving as the game field. An impressive total prize pool of $50,000 awaits the World Champion and other worthy competitors.

"We look forward to sharing this thrilling global competition with our audiences, guided by the adept commentary of rainbolt and Bloom," Antell added. "We invite everyone to join us in person or via our live streams to experience the World Cup like never before."