The Globe as a Playing Field: The First World Cup in GeoGuessr is Here

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 30th May — GeoGuessr, the geography exploration game with a vibrant community of over 60 million explorers worldwide, is poised to host its first World Cup ever and crown a first World Champion who will win a fair share of the $50,000 total prize pool. The event unfolds at the Space Arena in Stockholm from October 13-14, marking a milestone in esports history: a competition where the entire globe truly becomes the playing field.

For over a decade, GeoGuessr has been the game to play if you want to explore the world we live in. It's more than just a game – it's a lively blend of discovery and fun that engages millions of users worldwide. Now, GeoGuessr announces its first-ever World Cup, which brings together 24 of the best players from around the world, creating an exciting mix of skill, strategy, and geographical awareness. The competition breathes new life into gaming and esports as we know it, intertwining the wonder of exploration with the spark of competition.

”We have an amazing community with passionate explorers and creators, and with the World Cup, we wanted to gather some of the best GeoGuessr players on the planet at the same place to showcase their amazing knowledge of the world,” said Daniel Antell, the co-founder, and CEO of GeoGuessr.

Since its debut in 2013, GeoGuessr has taken gamers on a worldwide journey. Players are dropped at random locations and must figure out where on Earth they are, and the difference between an adventurous layman and a skilled explorer can be astonishing.

”Whereas I might be looking for clues on signs and cars, the best players in the world can identify which country they are in based on the nature around them and even the road they're on.” said Antell. ”To help the viewers understand how the players operate and what they are looking for, we will be working with some of the most influential GeoGuessr content creators and experts out there during the broadcast.”

One of those experts is Trevor Rainbolt, who’ll bring his elaborate banter and deep understanding of the game dynamics into play. With his keen eye for geographic detail and his knack for engaging the audience, Trevor will not just commentate, but also illuminate the strategies and insights behind each player's decisions.

The tournament will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, the home of the GeoGuessr headquarters, from 13-14th October with a prize pool of $50.000. The 24 participants will be divided into 4 groups of 6 players each and all the action will feature two players dueling each other. The group stage will be played in a round-robin format, and following a thrilling playoff, determining who truly is the ”literal” champion of the world.

Among the first contestants to be announced are Leon "Kodiak" Cornale from Germany, Tushar "MatePotato" Hasamnis from India, Mathieu "Blinky" Huet from France, Mattias "Maccem" McMullin from Sweden, Oscar "Zi8gZag" Pearce from Australia, and Jake Lyons from the USA. Their skills and geographic knowledge will be put to the test in this exciting global event.