Huge Success for Historic World Championship in GeoGuessr

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 14th October — The inaugural GeoGuessr World Cup reached its spectacular climax, concluding with a jaw-dropping final that will be etched in the annals of esports history. The world watched in awe as Patrick "Consus" Noordijk from the Netherlands was crowned the very first GeoGuessr World Champion.

The grand final of the GeoGuessr World Cup saw the culmination of two intense days of competition. Thousands of fans from across the globe tuned in, eagerly anticipating to see who would become the first-ever GeoGuessr World Champion. The electrifying atmosphere at Space Arena in Stockholm was matched by the roaring virtual audience.

In a thrilling showdown between the world's most skilled GeoGuessr players, Patrick "Consus" Noordijk emerged as the triumphant champion, showcasing incredible geographical knowledge and nerves of steel. "Consus" victory earned them the prestigious title of the GeoGuessr World Champion and brought home $15,000."I could never imagine being here. It feels crazy, amazing. I hope everybody just enjoyed the show," says the main man after the impressive victory.

A Celebration to Remember

The GeoGuessr World Cup's finals attracted over 70,000 concurrent viewers across various platforms, emphasizing the tournament's global appeal and significance within the esports community.

"It has been absolutely amazing to have been able to organize this massive celebration of GeoGuessr together with our community, both here in person and for those who have followed the competition online," says Daniel Antell, CEO of GeoGuessr.

The event's success was also attributed to the remarkable talents and hosts who provided insightful commentary and analysis. Trevor "rainbolt" Rainbolt, Pala "Pala" Gilroy Sen, Rachel "Seltzer" Quirico, David "bloom" Bloom, Mohan "launders" Govindasamy, Peteris "GeoPeter" Lauris, and Geo "Geo" Collins combined their expertise to create an unforgettable experience.

The success of the GeoGuessr World Cup underscores the global passion for esports and the boundless possibilities of online gaming. We extend our gratitude to our dedicated fans, talented players, esteemed hosts, and the remarkable venue, Space Arena, for making this event a resounding triumph. "It has been exciting days and competitions with sold-out tickets, amazing fans, and incredible world players. GeoGuessr has a tremendous community, with millions of players globally. We are grateful that GeoGuessr chose Space as the venue for the World Cup," says Liana de Wit, head of commercial at Space.