Serbia: Districts (with Kosovo) - Map Quiz Game

  • Kosovska Mitrovica District
  • Kolubara District
  • Rasina District
  • Central Banat District
  • South Banat District
  • Beograd
  • North Bačka District
  • Bor District
  • Podunavlje District
  • Prizren District
  • Mačva District
  • Moravica District
  • Toplica District
  • Braničevo District
  • Pomoravlje District
  • Nišava District
  • Jablanica District
  • Zaječar District
  • Peć District
  • Raška District
  • Kosovo District
  • Pirot District
  • Pčinja District
  • West Bačka District
  • Šumadija District
  • South Bačka District
  • Zlatibor District
  • Srem District
  • Kosovo-Pomoravlje District
  • North Banat District
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This map quiz challenges you to identify the districts of Serbia, including Kosovo. After years of conflict in the region, Kosovo declared independence in 2008, but Serbia does not recognize Kosovo as a sovereign state, continuing to claim it as its constituent Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija. The Pčinja District is one of five Serbian districts that border the disputed territory of Kosovo, abutting the Kosovo-Pomoravlje District to the west. In the far south, the Peć District is a region that, in 1302, was recognized as the Archiepiscopal seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church. In the north is the Mačva District, located between the Sava and Drina rivers; it's named after the town of Mačva, which existed in the Medieval Ages. Read up on the different parts of Serbia and use this map quiz to become an expert on the country's districts.

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