Uzbekistan: Regions - Map Quiz Game

  • Andijan Region
  • Bukhara Region
  • Fergana Region
  • Jizzakh Region
  • Karakalpakstan
  • Namangan Region
  • Navoiy Region
  • Qashqadaryo Region
  • Samarqand Region
  • Sirdaryo Region
  • Surxondaryo Region
  • Tashkent Region
  • Xorazm Region
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Here's a map quiz that challenges you to identify all 13 regions of Uzbekistan. The country is landlocked, so there's no coastline to help identify these regions. However, the Karakalpakstan region does feature large bodies of inland water, namely part of the Aral Sea and Sarygamysh Lake. The Andijan region is the furthest east; Surxondaryo is the furthest south. Pick up a geographic detail about each region and you'll be able to locate all 13 regions of Uzbekistan with ease!

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