Syria: Governorates - Map Quiz Game

  • Daraa
  • Quneitra
  • Deir ez-Zor
  • Rif Dimashq
  • Homs
  • Raqqa
  • Al-Hasakah
  • Damascus
  • Hama
  • Tartus
  • As-Suwayda
  • Aleppo
  • Latakia
  • Idlib
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Can you identify all 14 governorates of Syria? Syria is a country in Western Asia featuring fertile plains, high mountains, and deserts. From Al-Hasakah, Aleppo, and Raqqa in the north to the southern governates of Quneitra, Daraa, and As-Suwayda, if you pick up some details about each region, you'll be able to identify all 14 governorates in no time!

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