The U.S.: Acquisitions of Territory, 1783-1853 - Map Quiz Game

  • Acquired from Spain 1810-1818
  • Adams-Onis Treaty 1819
  • Ceded by Great Britain 1818
  • Ceded to Great Britain 1818
  • Gadsden Purchase 1853
  • Louisiana Purchase 1803
  • Mexican Cession 1848
  • Oregon Country 1846
  • Original 13 Colonies
  • Texas Annexation 1845
  • Treaty of Paris 1783
  • Webster-Ashburton Treaty 1842
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The Webster-Ashburton Treaty 1842, the Adams-Onis Treaty, land acquired from Spain in the early 1800s…you'll need to be up on your US history to ace this quiz! In 1818, a huge chunk of land was ceded by Great Britain, another piece was ceded to Great Britain. US history and geography blend together to make this a fun and challenging quiz game! If you know where the states of Oregon and Texas are, locating Oregon Country 1846 and Texas Annexation 1845 should be a no brainer. The US acquired a lot of territory between 1783 and 1853, and this map quiz game will help you locate all of it!

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