Japan: Tokyo, Special Wards - Map Quiz Game

  • Shinagawa
  • Setagaya
  • Shibuya
  • Kita
  • Kōtō
  • Itabashi
  • Minato
  • Adachi
  • Arakawa
  • Nakano
  • Edogawa
  • Ōta
  • Nerima
  • Shinjuku
  • Meguro
  • Taitō
  • Toshima
  • Suginami
  • Chiyoda
  • Katsushika
  • Sumida
  • Bunkyō
  • Chūō
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With an estimated 13 million people spread over an area of more than two thousand square kilometers, Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world. Just as London and New York are divided into boroughs, Tokyo has 23 special wards. When they were created, the idea was to give more local autonomy to the various parts of the city. These are not household names, so study up before you attempt this one!

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