Parts of a Flower - Science Quiz

Anther, Filament, Ovary, Ovules, Pedicel, Petals, Pistil, Receptacle, Sepal, Stamen, Stigma, Style (12)  Create custom quiz

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Flowers may look pretty and smell nice, but plants that create flowers do so in order to reproduce. Their life cycle is unique among living things, going from germinated seed to seedling, then becoming a mature plant that’s capable of flowering. The parts of a flower play important roles in plant reproduction. Petals attract insects that facilitate pollination. The stamen produces pollen, while the stigma is where pollen is received. Identifying all of a flower’s parts might seem difficult, but this quiz game makes it easy. Take a close look at the parts of a flower—you can discover fascinating facts, like how the sepal protects and supports the petals, or how the carpel contains the plant’s potential seeds. When you use this science quiz game, learning the parts of a flower will be a walk in the park!

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Parts of a Flower - Science Quiz
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