América do Sul: Mapa Físico - Jogo de Mapa

  • Ilhas Malvinas
  • Rio Paraguai
  • Terra do Fogo
  • Pampas
  • Amazonas
  • Estreito de Magalhães
  • Lago Maracaibo
  • Floresta Amazônica
  • Rio da Prata
  • Lago Titicaca
  • Ilhas Galápagos
  • Patagônia
  • Andes
  • Oceano Atlântico
  • Rio Paraná
  • Deserto do Atacama
  • Planalto Brasileiro
  • Oceano Pacífico
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The South American continent is dominated by Brazil, which in turn is dominated by the massive Amazon rainforest that takes up most of its area. There are, however, many other physical features and different types of environments in the 13 countries that make up the continent. Southern Chile and Argentina, for example, have a temperate climate similar to much of Europe or North America, and there is also a desert and the towering Andes mountain range.

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