瑞士:州 - Aardrijkskunde Spelletjes

  • 上瓦尔登
  • 下瓦尔登
  • 乌里
  • 伯尔尼
  • 内阿彭策尔
  • 卢塞恩
  • 图尔高
  • 圣加仑
  • 外阿彭策尔
  • 巴塞尔乡村
  • 巴塞尔城市
  • 弗里堡
  • 提契诺
  • 施维茨
  • 日内瓦
  • 格劳宾登
  • 格拉鲁斯
  • 楚格
  • 汝拉
  • 沃州
  • 沙夫豪森
  • 瓦莱
  • 索洛图恩
  • 纳沙泰尔
  • 苏黎世
  • 阿尔高
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Switzerland contains 26 cantons, which are something like states. Each canton has its own government, legislation, constitution, and courts, much as the states do in the United States. Because of its mountainous terrain, the borders can a little odd, but you can use these distinctions to your advantage as you are trying to study for a geography quiz. This map quiz game will help you learn the cantons with more precision than a Swiss watch.

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