リビア:地区 - Map Quiz Game

  • Marj
  • Jufra
  • Jabal al Gharbi
  • Zawiya
  • Nalut
  • Wadi al Hayaa
  • Sirte
  • Al Wahat
  • Sabha
  • Nuqat al Khams
  • Jafara
  • Murqub
  • Butnan
  • Jabal al Akhdar
  • Kufra
  • Benghazi
  • Ghat
  • Wadi ash Shatii
  • Murzuq
  • Derna
  • Misrata
  • Tripoli
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Is that Libyan region Jafara or Jufra? If you remember that Jafara is located way up in the northwest corner of the country, that may help lock in the difference. This map quiz can help with hard to remember locations like that. Although Wadi al Hayaa and Wadi ash Shatii are similarly named districts that share a border, there's no reason to confuse them—the latter is much larger and is situated north of its smaller neighbor. From Al What to Zawiya, you can memorize the names and locations of all 22 districts of Libya, and have fun doing it, with this map quiz game.

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