東部アフリカ:首都 - Map Quiz Game

  • カンパラ
  • ギテガ
  • マプト
  • アスマラ
  • アンタナナリボ
  • モガディシュ
  • アディスアベバ
  • ハラレ
  • ジブチ
  • ジュバ
  • ルサカ
  • キガリ
  • リロングウェ
  • ドドマ
  • ナイロビ
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Eastern Africa is home to some of the biggest cities on the continent. Places like Mogadishu and Adis Abeba are growing fast and have over two million people already. To learn the locations of capitals in East Africa, take this map quiz game a few times. By the third round, you should be getting them all correct faster than you can say Antananarivo!

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