አለም፡ የቡድን 20 አባል ሃገራት - Juego de Mapas

  • ህንድ
  • ሜክሲኮ
  • ሩስያ
  • ሳውዲ አረቢያ
  • ብራዚል
  • ቱርክ
  • ቻይና
  • አርጀንቲና
  • አውስትራሊያ
  • ኢንዶኔዢያ
  • ካናዳ
  • ዩናይትድ ስቴትስ
  • ዩናይትድ ኪንግደም
  • ደቡብ አፍሪካ
  • ደቡብ ኮርያ
  • ጀርመን
  • ጃፓን
  • ጣልያን
  • ፈረንሳይ
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The G-20 is a collection of the world’s largest economies whose function is to formulate trade policy and promote international financial stability. Although its name would suggest that there are 20 nations involved, there are actually 19 plus the European Union, represented by the European Commission, which of course has many members. Collectively, members of the G-20 account for 85% of the world’s economic value. (The European Union is not included in this quiz).

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