Argentinien: Provinzflaggen - Flag Quiz Game

  • Buenos Aires
  • San Luis
  • Misiones
  • Córdoba
  • Neuquén
  • Tucumán
  • San Juan
  • Chubut
  • Santa Fe
  • Salta
  • Jujuy
  • Tierra del Fuego
  • Entre Ríos
  • Corrientes
  • Santiago del Estero
  • Chaco
  • Formosa
  • Catamarca
  • La Rioja
  • Santa Cruz
  • Mendoza
  • La Pampa
  • Rio Negro
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The provinces of Argentina each have their own flag representing the culture and heritage of the region. Memorizing all 23 might be challenging, but this quiz game will make it fun. If you can remember that the San Luis flag depicts two deer kissing, that's one answer in the bag! What's that thing on the Chaco flag? It’s a plow. If you key in on details like that, you'll find that there's something about every Argentinian provincial flag that can make it stand out in your mind. Use this engaging quiz to make learning the flags of the provinces of Argentina fun and easy!

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