挪威:城市 - Aardrijkskunde Spelletjes

  • 克里斯蒂安桑
  • 利勒哈默尔
  • 卑尔根
  • 博德
  • 哈尔登
  • 哈马尔
  • 奥勒松
  • 奥斯陆
  • 康斯贝格
  • 德拉门
  • 斯基恩
  • 斯塔万格
  • 海于格松
  • 特罗姆瑟
  • 特隆赫姆
  • 纳尔维克
  • 莫伊拉纳
  • 莫尔德
  • 阿伦达尔
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Over a thousand years ago, Norwegian Vikings invaded much of what is now Scotland and Ireland. Since then Norway has become one of the wealthiest countries in the world with an extremely high standard of living. How many of its cities can you identify on a map? If the answer is zero, this map quiz game is here to help. Use this as a geography study aid and you will be a Norway expert in no time!

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