Yemen: Governorates - Geografispel

  • 'Adan
  • 'Amran
  • Abyan
  • Ad Dali
  • Al Bayda'
  • Al Hudaydah
  • Al Jawf
  • Al Mahrah
  • Al Mahwit
  • Amanat al 'Asimah
  • Dhamar
  • Hadramaut
  • Hajjah
  • Ibb
  • Lahij
  • Ma'rib
  • Raymah
  • Sa'dah
  • Sana'a
  • Shabwah
  • Socotra
  • Ta'izz
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Yemen is divided into twenty-two governorates, which, with help from this quiz game, you'll be able to easily find on a map of that country. There's an interesting distribution of population in Yemen. The tiny, 29 sq mi governorate of Amanat Al Asimah packs in 1,174,767 people! The governate of Al Mahrah, which, with Hadramaut, comprises the entire eastern half of the country, is the second-largest in area, yet it has the lowest population, with only 400,000 people! Coastal areas always seem to attract higher populations, so, it's no surprise that the Al Hudaydah governorate has 3,774,914 people living there. Dig into some demographic facts about the governorates of Yemen on our own and make it easier to lock in their names and locations. This map quiz will help!

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