柬埔寨:省 - Geografispel

  • 上丁
  • 卜迭棉芷
  • 国公
  • 奥多棉芷
  • 实居
  • 干拉
  • 拉达那基里
  • 拜林
  • 暹粒
  • 柏威夏
  • 柴桢
  • 桔井
  • 波萝勉
  • 特本克蒙
  • 白马
  • 磅清扬
  • 磅通
  • 磅针
  • 茶胶
  • 菩萨
  • 蒙多基里
  • 西哈努克
  • 贡布
  • 金边
  • 马德望
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The largest city in Cambodia is Phnom Penh. It's the country's capital city, located in the Kandal province. This map quiz game focuses on the provinces of Cambodia to help you memorize all 24 of them. Kandal may be easier to pick out when you recall that it's home to the capital city, and there are similarly interesting facts about all the provinces. The Siem Reap Province is home to Angkor Wat, the world's largest religious building. Find a few facts on your own and use this map quiz to commit all the Cambodian provinces to memory.

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