ヨーロッパ:水域 - Geografispel

  • アイリッシュ海
  • イギリス海峡
  • カスピ海
  • ジブラルタル海峡
  • ノルウェー海
  • バルト海
  • ビスケー湾
  • 北極海
  • 北海
  • 地中海
  • 大西洋
  • 黒海
Funktionen kräver Pro Unlimited eller Elite

The Mediterranean is considered the world’s largest inland sea. Technically, it and the Black Sea are just continuations of the Atlantic Ocean, as they are all connected. But the Mediterranean is hardly the only important body of water in Europe; there are still nine other named water features in this geography game that have held tremendous historic importance. How many can you identify?

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