Ukraina: Liput - Flaggspel

  • Dnipropetrovskin alue
  • Donetskin alue
  • Ivano-Frankivskin alue
  • Kharkivskan alue
  • Khersonskan alue
  • Khmelnytskan alue
  • Kiova
  • Kiovan alue
  • Kirovohradin alue
  • Krimin autonominen tasavalta
  • Luhanskin alue
  • Lvivin alue
  • Mykolajivin alue
  • Odessan alue
  • Pultavan alue
  • Rivnen alue
  • Sevastopol
  • Sumyn alue
  • Ternopilin alue
  • Tšerkasyn alue
  • Tšernihivin alue
  • Tšernivtsin alue
  • Vinnytsjan alue
  • Volynian alue
  • Zakarpatskan alue
  • Zaporižžjan alue
  • Žytomyrin alue
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Ukraine is divided into 24 regions, or oblasts. Each has a flag, which this quiz challenges you to identify, along with the flags of, Crimea, Kyiv, and Sevastopol. Many of the flags incorporate the blue and yellow of Ukraine's national flag. The flag of Donetsk Oblast, the most populous region, uses those colors to depict a sun on a blue background, whereas the flags of Zakarpattia Oblast, Rivne Oblast, Odessa Oblast, and Kyiv Oblast, for example, feature the national colors in vertical or horizontal bars. There are interesting details to be found in the flags of Ukraine—working with this quiz, you'll be able to identify all 27 flags with ease.

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