Знамена с червено, зелено и жълто - Flag Quiz Game

  • Бенин
  • Боливия
  • Буркина Фасо
  • Вануату
  • Гана
  • Гвиана
  • Гвинея
  • Гвинея-Бисау
  • Гренада
  • Зимбабве
  • Камерун
  • Литва
  • Мавритания
  • Мали
  • Мианмар
  • Република Конго
  • Сао Томе и Принсипи
  • Сенегал
  • Суринам
  • Френска Гвиана
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This quiz game challenges you to identify flags featuring red, green, and yellow. For a color combination with questionable aesthetic appeal, the trio of red, green, and yellow shows up in a lot of flags! In many cases, the use of this color palette is a nod to the flag of Ethiopia and is meant to represent an African ideology. If you explore the meaning behind this color combination and the icons used in these flags, you'll be able to identify them with ease!

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