ポーランド:都市 - Quiz z mapą

  • ウッチ
  • カトヴィツェ
  • クラクフ
  • グダニスク
  • グディニア
  • シュチェチン
  • トルン
  • ビドゴシュチュ
  • ポズナン
  • ルブリン
  • ワルシャワ
  • ヴロツワフ
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Unlike in most European countries, the population of Poland is not especially urban. In fact, Poland is one of the most forested countries in Europe. Only 60% of its citizens live in cities, compared to over 75% in Germany and France. Warsaw is certainly the largest Polish city, with a population of nearly two million, but it is not the only larger city. Krakow and Lodz are both have nearly one million inhabitants.

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