Nordkorea: Provinzen und besondere Städte - Map Quiz Game

  • Chagang
  • Hamgyŏng-namdo (Süd-Hamgyŏng)
  • Hamgyŏng-pukto (Nord-Hamgyŏng)
  • Hwanghae-namdo (Süd-Hwanghae)
  • Hwanghae-pukto (Nord-Hwanghae)
  • Kangwŏn-do
  • P'yŏngan-pukto (Nord-P’yŏngan)
  • Pjöngjang
  • P’yŏngan-namdo (Süd-P’yŏngan)
  • Rasŏn
  • Ryanggang-do

Part of becoming an expert on North Korean geography is learning the name and location of each North Korean province and the country's two special cities. This quiz game will help. North Korea is divided into nine provinces. The South Hwanghae province in western North Korea, is bordered on the west by the Yellow Sea. On the other side of the country is the South Hamgyong province, which is bordered by the Sea of Japan. The two cities you'll have to locate are Rason in the northeast tip of the country, and Pyongyang, the capital and largest city in North Korea. Study the geography of North Korea and use this map quiz to memorize all that country's provinces and its two special cities.

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