Централна Америка: столици - Map Quiz Game

  • Белмопан
  • Гватемала Сити
  • Манагуа
  • Панама
  • Сан Салвадор
  • Сан Хосе
  • Тегусигалпа

Panama City is one of the wealthiest and most visited cities in Central America, largely because of the Panama Canal, a critical shipping route between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This map quiz game will help you identify Panama City on a map, along with the other Central American capitals. Did you know that Belmopan, the capital of Belize, is only 816 miles from Miami, Florida? Facts like that can really help you learn all 7 capitals of Central America. Find a few interesting facts on your own, then use this engaging geography study aid to become an expert on the Central American capital cities!

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