World: Peninsulas - Map Quiz Game

  • Alaska Peninsula
  • Antarctic Peninsula
  • Apennine Peninsula
  • Arabian Peninsula
  • Baja California Peninsula
  • Balkans
  • Cape York Peninsula
  • Crimea
  • Deccan Peninsula
  • Florida
  • Horn of Africa
  • Iberian Peninsula
  • Indochinese Peninsula
  • Jutland
  • Kamchatka Peninsula
  • Kola Peninsula
  • Korean Peninsula
  • Labrador Peninsula
  • Scandinavian Peninsula
  • Sinai Peninsula
  • Yucatán Peninsula

Peninsulas are some of the most recognizable features on the map. Surrounded on three sides by water, they jut out from the mainland and make distinct shapes. Some peninsulas like Florida, the Apennine, and the Iberian help us easily find some countries or states on a map. Others like the Antarctic or the Aleutian are less well known but highly recognizable just the same. See how many you can identify!

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