유럽​​: 강 - Quiz Geografico

  • 다뉴브 강
  • 돈 강
  • 드니스터
  • 드니프르
  • 라인 강
  • 르와르 강
  • 바르다르
  • 볼가
  • 비슬리 강
  • 센 강
  • 에브로 강
  • 엘베 강
  • 오데르 강
  • 우랄산맥
  • 타호 강
  • 템즈 강
  • 포 강
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Stretching nearly 3,700 kilometers, the Volga is the longest river in Europe. The Danube, which passes through four of Europe's capital cities, is the second longest. Playing this geography quiz game, you will learn their locations and many more of Europe's rivers. Being able to identify rivers is a great skill to learn if you are preparing for a geography bee or studying for a quiz in your geography class.

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