Португалія: Винні регіони - Quiz de géographie

  • Азорські острови
  • Аленкер
  • Алентежу
  • Арруда
  • Байррада
  • Бейра Інтеріор
  • Буселаш
  • Віню Верде
  • Дау
  • Енкошташ де Айре
  • Каркавелуш
  • Колареш
  • Лагоа
  • Лагос
  • Лафоєш
  • Лорінян
  • Мадейра
  • Обідуш
  • Порто е Доро
  • Портіман
  • Рібатежу
  • Сетубал
  • Тавора-Вароза
  • Тавіра
  • Торреш-Ведраш
  • Трансмонтана
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Portugal is known for its Port wine, a fortified wine that's made from distilled grape spirits, but it contributes a lot more to the world of wine than that. This map quiz game can help you explore all the wine regions of this fascinating country. Vinho Verde, in the extreme northern part of Portugal, is the largest wine region in the country and produces a very popular white wine. Nearby Tavora-Varosa has unique soil and climate conditions; the grapes grown there retain a lot of acidity, making them perfect for sparkling wines. Take a tour of Portugal as this study aid helps you memorize the country's wine regions.

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