USA: Außengebiete - Quiz de géographie

  • Amerikanisch-Samoa
  • Amerikanische Jungferninseln
  • Bakerinsel
  • Guam
  • Howlandinsel
  • Jarvisinsel
  • Johnston-Atoll
  • Kingmanriff
  • Midwayinseln
  • Navassa
  • Nördliche Marianen
  • Palmyra-Atoll
  • Puerto Rico
  • Wake-Atoll
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Texas, California, Florida, Guam…wait, what? OK, Guam isn't a US state, but it is a US territory, along with some other tiny island territories, like Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Navassa Island, and the US Virgin Islands. With the help of this map quiz game, you can find all 14 of the US territories. Some of these territories played pivotal roles during WWII, specifically Wake Island and Midway Atoll, and many of them have nearly zero inhabitants. Others, like Puerto Rico, a populous island in the Caribbean, are vibrant tourist destinations. Use this map quiz game to kick off your exploration of each of these US territories.

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