Угорщина: Повіти - Quiz de géographie

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  • Бараня
  • Бач-Кі́шкун
  • Бекеш
  • Боршод-Абауй-Земплєн
  • Ваш
  • Веспрем
  • Дьйор-Мошон-Шопрон
  • Зала
  • Комаром-Естерґом
  • Ноґрад
  • Пешт
  • Сабольч-Сатмар-Берег
  • Толна
  • Фейер
  • Хайду-Біхар
  • Хевеш
  • Чонград-Чанад
  • Шомодь
  • Яс-Надькун-Сольнок
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Did you know that Hungary is one of the oldest countries in Europe? It was founded in 895. That's a little early for sophisticated governmental subdivisions, but these days, the country has been split up into 19 counties. The smallest one, Komárom-Esztergom, borders the Danube and Slovakia. The largest Hungarian county, Bács-Kiskun , is known across Europe for its natural beauty and biodiversity. If you're memorizing the counties of Hungary, recalling details like that and using this engaging map quiz game will make you an expert in no time.

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