Німеччина: Райони Берліна - Quiz de géographie

  • Ліхтенберг
  • Марцан-Геллерсдорф
  • Мітте
  • Нойкельн
  • Панков
  • Райнікендорф
  • Темпельгоф-Шенеберг
  • Трептов-Кепенік
  • Фрідріксгайн-Кройцберг
  • Шарлоттенбург-Вільмерсдорф
  • Шпандау
  • Штегліц-Целендорф
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The city of Berlin has 12 districts or boroughs, known as Bezirke in German. Prior to 2001, there were 23 boroughs, each bearing the name of its primary neighborhood. Today, each of the 12 districts has its own local government, which falls under the umbrella of the city and state government of Berlin. The population is nearly evenly distributed throughout districts, ranging from a low of 223,000 in Spandau to 366,000 in Pankow.

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