Румунія: Міста - Quiz de géographie

  • Арад
  • Бакеу
  • Брашов
  • Браїла
  • Бузау
  • Бухарест
  • Клуж-Напока
  • Констанца
  • Крайова
  • Орадя
  • Плоєшті
  • Пітешті
  • Сату-Маре
  • Сібіу
  • Тиргу-Муреш
  • Тімішоара
  • Ясси
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Romania is probably best known as the setting for Dracula, but Romania also has the largest gold resources in all of Europe. The country is a newcomer to the European Union, having joined in 2007. Test your knowledge of this eastern European country by seeing how many cities you can identify correctly on this geography quiz. This map quiz game is also a great geography study aid.

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