САД: Градови на Северо истоку - Quiz de géographie

  • Њуарк
  • Њујорк
  • Албани
  • Бафало
  • Бостон
  • Конкорд
  • Монтпилијер
  • Огаста
  • Питсбург
  • Провиденс
  • Рочестер
  • Сиракуза
  • Трентон
  • Филаделфија
  • Харисбург
  • Хартфорд
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You can probably locate the Big Apple, but how many cities in the Northeast do you know? This map quiz game will help you brush up state capitals and big cities in the region, while also beefing up your geography trivia credentials. It can be a great teaching tool as well for any unit about United States geography.

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