Знамена с полумесец - Quiz drapeau

  • Азербайджан
  • Алжир
  • Бруней
  • Коморски острови
  • Мавритания
  • Малайзия
  • Малдиви
  • Монголия
  • Непал
  • Пакистан
  • Сингапур
  • Тунис
  • Туркменистан
  • Турция
  • Узбекистан
  • Хърватия
  • западна Сахара
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Can you identify these flags with crescent moons? This quiz game will make it easy. The inclusion of the crescent moon in flag designs is rooted in ancient culture. In Islamic symbology, the moon represents Diana Goddess of the Hunt and the star represents Mary, the mother of Jesus. In the flag design of Uzbekistan, the crescent moon and stars represent cloudless calm sky and peace. Pick up a few relevant facts and work with this quiz—you'll be able to identify all these flags with crescent moons in no time.

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