The Moon: Physical Features - Juego de Mapas

  • Copernicus (crater)
  • Grimaldi (crater)
  • Kepler (crater)
  • Mare Crisium
  • Mare Fecunditatis
  • Mare Humorum
  • Mare Imbrium
  • Mare Nectaris
  • Mare Nubium
  • Mare Serenitatis
  • Mare Tranquillitatis
  • Mare Vaporum
  • Oceanus Procellarum
  • Plato (crater)
  • Tycho (crater)
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Even though you'll probably never go, it's nice to know there's a reliable map of the moon. Check out these craters and lunar mares! Wait, what's a lunar mare? It's a large plain on the moon that's formed by ancient volcanic eruptions. You'll find Mare Serenitatis, (that's Latin for the "Sea of Serenity"), to the east of Mare Imbrium. With this map quiz game, you can bound through virtual zero-gravity to locate the Copernicus, Grimaldi, and Plato craters. If you research these notable lunar landmarks and work with this quiz, you'll be able to memorize all 15 in no time!

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