أفغانستان: المقاطعات - Juego de Mapas

  • أوروزجان
  • باروان
  • باكتيا
  • باكتيكا
  • باميان
  • بدخشان
  • بدغيس
  • بغلان
  • بلخ
  • بنجشير
  • تخار
  • جوزجان
  • خوست
  • دايکندي
  • زابول
  • سار إي بول
  • سمنكان
  • غزنة
  • غور
  • فارياب
  • فرح
  • قندهار
  • قندوز
  • كابول
  • كابيسا
  • كونار
  • لغمان
  • لوكر
  • ننكرهار
  • نورستان
  • نيمروز
  • هرات
  • هلمند
  • وردك
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Afghanistan is divided into 34 provinces. Can you locate all of them on a map? The Ghor province, located in the central part of Afghanistan, at the end of the Hindu Kush mountains, sees heavy snowfalls in winter but is prone to drought in the summer. Badakhshan in the north was an important trading center during the second half of the 4th millennium BC. The war-torn Helmand province in the south is the largest province, covering 20,000 sq mi. File away a few memorable geographical details like those and use this quiz game to learn all 34 provinces of Afghanistan!

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