Естонія: Повіти - Juego de Mapas

  • Іда-Вірумаа
  • Валгамаа
  • Вирумаа
  • Вільяндімаа
  • Гар’юмаа
  • Гіюмаа (З Талліном)
  • Йигевамаа
  • Ляене-Вірумаа
  • Ляенемаа
  • Пилвамаа
  • Пярнумаа
  • Рапламаа
  • Сааремаа
  • Тартумаа
  • Ярвамаа
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In Kaali, a village in the Estonian county of Saaremaa, there’s a strangely tight grouping of 9 meteorite craters; in fact, Estonia has the highest number of meteorite craters per land area in the world! This quiz game will help you explore the Estonian counties and learn about this fascinating country. The official capital of Estonia is Tallinn in the county of Harju, while the city of Tartu (located in a county of the same name) is considered the cultural capital of Estonia. You can find interesting facts about each of the 15 Estonian counties and use this map quiz to nail down their exact locations.

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