沙特阿拉伯:地区 - Juego de Mapas

  • 东部省
  • 利雅得
  • 北部边疆省
  • 吉赞
  • 哈伊勒
  • 塔布克
  • 奈季兰
  • 巴哈
  • 焦夫
  • 盖西姆
  • 阿西尔
  • 麦加
  • 麦地那
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There are 13 administrative regions in Saudi Arabia, each with its own capital city and governing structure. Even though Riyadh is both the national capital and the regional capital of the state by the same name, it is not the largest region in the country by population. That designation goes to Makkah, which includes the city of Mecca. Despite including the “Empty Quarter,” the Eastern Province is the third largest by population.

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