Banderas rojas y blancas - Flag Quiz Game

  • Austria
  • Bahrein
  • Canadá
  • Catar
  • Dinamarca
  • Georgia
  • Indonesia
  • Inglaterra
  • Japón
  • Letonia
  • Malta
  • Mónaco
  • Perú
  • Polonia
  • Singapur
  • Suiza
  • Tonga
  • Turquía
  • Túnez
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This quiz game challenges you to identify flags featuring red and white. Canada, Switzerland, Japan—some of the flags will be easy to ID. Some are tougher. Is that the flag of Indonesia, or is it Poland, or Monaco? Poland's flag is red on the bottom; as for the other two, you're on your own! Explore the meaning behind each use of this color combo and work with this quiz—you'll be able to identify these red and white flags in no time.

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