Nicaragua : les départements - Erdkunde-Quiz

  • Boaco
  • Carazo
  • Chinandega
  • Chontales
  • Esteli
  • Granada
  • Jinotega
  • León
  • Madriz
  • Managua
  • Masaya
  • Matagalpa
  • Nueva Segovia
  • Rivas
  • Région autonome de la Côte caraïbe nord
  • Région autonome de la Côte caraïbe sud
  • Río San Juan
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Nicaragua is divided into fifteen departments and two autonomous regions. This quiz game will help you memorize their names and locations. Given the country's position in Central America, many of the departments are coastal, including a string of them along the nation's western edge that includes Chinandega, León, Managua, and others. The eastern part of Nicaragua is on the ocean too, made up mostly of the sprawling North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region and South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region. At the opposite end of the size spectrum are Masaya, Nicaragua's smallest department, and Granada, which is home to the city of Granada, one of North America's oldest cities. With help from this map quiz, you can explore the departments of Nicaragua and have them memorized in no time.

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