Create Your Own Seterra Map Quiz From Any Blank Map!

Unfortunately it's not possible to email your own map to us at the moment, sorry for the inconvenience. We are working on improving the site and the possibilities to create your own maps and quizzes.

We have added a new feature available to our Level 3 members: making your own map quiz from any (non-copyrighted) map!

Seterra has a large library of blank maps that you can use as a starting point for creating your own map quizzes, but we may not have the map you need. If you wanted to make a map quiz of your hometown, for example, you might have to provide your own map, and now you can!

Email us your map in .jpg or .png format, and we will add it to the website so that you can use it as a starting point for adding your own custom locations.

Here is an example: a map with poins of interest in Rochester, Minnesota:


Are you a Level 3 member and want to try this feature? Email us the map! Email:

The map should be in .jpg or .png format, 900x700 pixels.

Please note that the map must be public domain, or be released under a license that permits us to use it.

If the maps need attribution, we will add that below the map. Attribution is needed if your map is a screenshot from Google Maps or OpenStreetMap. In order to make sure that no copyrighted maps are used, you need to specify where you found the map when you send it to us.

Where Can I Find Maps?

One good place to find maps is to go to Snazzy Maps, a site that lets you view Google Maps in a variety of styles. Here, you can choose an unlabelled style, zoom in on your own home town and grab a screenshot.

Another option for finding great maps is a site called D-Maps