Norge: fjordar och sjöar - Geografispel

  • Femunden
  • Hardangerfjorden
  • Lyngsfjord
  • Mjøsa
  • Oslofjorden
  • Porsangerfjorden
  • Randsfjorden
  • Røssvatnet
  • Snåsavatnet
  • Sognefjorden
  • Trondheimsfjorden
  • Tyrifjorden
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Norway is known for its fjords; those steep valleys that were cut through the mountains by giant icebergs. Many of those valleys filled in with water, creating spectacular glacial lakes and inland bays. The best known example of such a feature is Sognefjorden, which is the largest of Norway’s nearly 1,200 fjords. That means there are a lot to keep straight, so study hard!

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