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North America: Physical Features - Map Quiz Game

Alaska Peninsula, Alaska Range, Appalachian Mountains, Atlantic Ocean, Bering Strait, Colorado River, Denali (Mount McKinley), Great Basin Desert, Great Bear Lake, Great Salt Lake, Great Slave Lake, Gulf of Mexico, Hudson Bay, Lake Athabasca, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Lake Superior, Lake Winnipeg, Mackenzie River, Mississippi River, Missouri River, Ohio River, Pacific Ocean, Rio Grande, Rocky Mountains, Saint Lawrence, Tennessee River, Yukon River (30)  Create custom quiz

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Two of the largest countries in the world by area are located on the North American continent. In all that space the climates range from subtropical in Florida and nearby areas to polar in Alaska and much of Canada. That also includes the world’s only temperate rainforest in the Pacific Northwest region, where trees like the Giant Sequoia grow to be 379 feet tall.

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North America: Physical Features - Map Quiz Game

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