The U.S.: Acquisitions of Territory, 1783-1853 - Geography Games

The U.S.: Acquisitions of Territory, 1783-1853 - Map Quiz Game

Acquired from Spain 1810-1818, Adams-Onis Treaty 1819, Ceded by Great Britain 1818, Ceded to Great Britain 1818, Gadsden Purchase 1853, Louisiana Purchase 1803, Mexican Cession 1848, Oregon Country 1846, Original 13 Colonies, Texas Annexation 1845, Treaty of Paris 1783, Webster-Ashburton Treaty 1842 (12)  Create custom quiz

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The Webster-Ashburton Treaty 1842, the Adams-Onis Treaty, land acquired from Spain in the early 1800s…you'll need to be up on your US history to ace this quiz! In 1818, a huge chunk of land was ceded by Great Britain, another piece was ceded to Great Britain. US history and geography blend together to make this a fun and challenging quiz game! If you know where the states of Oregon and Texas are, locating Oregon Country 1846 and Texas Annexation 1845 should be a no brainer. The US acquired a lot of territory between 1783 and 1853, and this map quiz game will help you locate all of it!

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The U.S.: Acquisitions of Territory, 1783-1853 - Map Quiz Game

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