YouTube Videos on the World's Countries

December 4th, 2018

On YouTube, you can find several fantastic videos that make it easy to learn the countries of the world. They're produced by creative people who have a flair for music, art, and making geography fun!

Let's look at a handful of the most popular YouTube videos that cover the countries.

With over 10.5 million views, one of the very best is Tour the World, a music video that names all the countries of the world, and still finds time to give a shout out to Rhianna!

It's hard to decide what is the best part of this video, the drawings or the song. During the 8 minute and 39 second runtime, a very talented artist creates free-hand whiteboard drawings related to the countries. They're cool cartoons that add memorable details to help you recall the countries' names.

A couple of decades ago, there was a cartoon series called Animaniacs that was tons of fun and occasionally found a way to sneak in some educational content. In our next video, Nations of the World, a character from that show circles the globe with an entertaining song, the lyrics of which are the names of all the countries. He moves pretty fast, so the subtitles are helpful if you need to recognize the country names in writing. This video has over 13 million views and counting!

The last video we'll discuss has almost 6 million views. Countries of the World may be the best video if your goal is to memorize the countries' names because it runs through all the countries in alphabetical order.

It's an entertaining musical roll call of nations—each country has a smiling, animated face that pops out of the map when it's their turn to sing. The song might not be quite as catchy as the others, but this video's way of working through the countries in a sequential order makes it a more effective learning tool.

If you want to learn the countries of the world, you can spend hours with maps and lists, but if that gets too boring, consider using one of these fun YouTube videos instead!