Selingua - Download Dictionaries

Do you think that Selingua has too few options, but still want to use the built-in Selingua Dictionaries in your own favorite vocabulary software?

You can now download the Selingua word lists in a tab separated text format, which allows you to import them into most popular vocabulary trainers and flash card applications, including Teach2000.
Both downloads includes all language combinations, each in five difficulty levels:
Swedish-English dictionaries
Swedish-German dictionaries
Swedish-French dictionaries
Swedish-Spanish dictionaries

English-Swedish dictionaries
English-German dictionaries
English-French dictionaries
English-Spanish dictionaries

German-Swedish dictionaries
German-English dictionaries
German-French dictionaries
German-Spanish dictionaries

French-Swedish dictionaries
French-English dictionaries
French-German dictionaries
French-Spanish dictionaries

Spanish-Swedish dictionaries
Spanish-English dictionaries
Spanish-German dictionaries
Spanish-French dictionaries

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